Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chores Suck!

Even as you get older and chores are no longer forced upon you they still SUCK!
i will vacuum, dust, wash windows, mop, do laundry
but my arch enemy will always and forever be dishes!
I HATE dishes!
why? I'm not really sure.
but i just do. they suck. it can officially be said that DISHES SUCK!
I think its because they're never ending. if it didn't cost so much i'd eat with paper and plastic the rest of my life, but damm me for liking my enviornment
(i blame that on living in oregon)
i'm lazy but not that lazy.
speaking of enviornment i've had a sack of cans sitting im my livingroom for going on 2 weeks now.
maybe i'll leave it for the bums... maybe i'll take it back. who knows.
i'll probably take it back today. and use the money to buy something for me.

B's working from home today. which i do and don' like becuase he gets overly annoyed when i bug him. oh well. thats what he gets. JOKING!

Okay... enough procrastinating... back to work (dammit)

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