Saturday, March 1, 2008

This week

Was interesting.
i worked Mon, Tues, wed
then i woke up Thursday morning with a Killer migraine. so i stayed home and stayed in the dark. I went back to work on Friday.
thought i was going to be able to register for next term. but nope!
i have to wait till Tuesday. Super bummer.
I just hope my classes that i need are still available when i can register.
I have been keeping an eye on the classes.
ARCH 100 - 24 spaces - 16 people registered
ARCH 101 - 24 spaces - 15 people registered
ID 121 - 24 spaces - 6 people registered

So i hope i can get them. A lot depends on these classes.

We're going to go bowling today with some of brians friends ant their kids. I'm kind of excited. Bri's friends have 3 daugters. Haley is amazing. she's loads of fun. She found out i knew how to change the scores and she was excited because i gave her the highest score. She's to funny!