Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starting is the hardest step.

I'm so exhausted and its only Tuesday. Sometimes i wonder what i've gotten myself into.
We had a fantastic weekend on the lake and at the rodeo, but our break put me way behind.

I'm sitting here trying to get the motivation to start on my research paper that is already late and i need to turn it in tomorrow. but i just can't get myself to do it.

i have my books in front of me, i'm atually resting my hands on them right now, but i just can't get it started.

I worked all day yesterday, i got off and came to school. I left school shortly after my presentation because 1) i was really tired and 2) i had so much more work to do at home.
I was still up untill after 11 to get as much as i could do done. Then i was up by 4:15 with my husband so that i could try and bust ass to get it done before i left for work, because i knew i wouldn't have time to do it before my class. I work 1/2 days on tuesdays because of my class. I had to run and make a stop at the down town library to get more books for my research paper. The teacher told me last night i needed more sources. And because My designer has little to know info on line i had to go downtown.

Now i'm sitting here exhausted. Praying for thursday and dreading friday.
I still have so much work to do.
thrusday i don't have class, but friday my husband leaves for the weekend. It'll be me and the dog all weekend.

i'm just a big old pile of blah today.

but even being a pile of blah, i'm still in a pretty good mood. I just wish i could skip this class and go home.