Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

So today was the first day of fall term. I'm not gonna lie, I was nervous for silly reasons. But, still...

It nevef fails, I parked in thd wrong parking lot and got lost. I think of it as my first day ritual.

Anyways, todays class was Interior Design Business Practices. The teacher seamed nice enough, we met for a grand total of 45min. Which is nice, but I have to drive 45min to get there, so it almost isnt worth the hassel. The class is slated to go from 6-9:05. But she stated we wouldn't have a break, that, way we could get out around 8ish. Which i'm totally okay with.

So this class should be interesting. There is 28 people and out of that only 3 are men. Now, im not bad mouthing the ladies, but they normally dont get my sense of humor. Normally I position myself kind of in the middle of class. And scope out those who look like I would get along with.

.....that backfired today....

There is one kid in class I had in my math class this summer... Who I cannot stand. Guess who is in my class?? Guess who sat right next to me?? I may need one of you to be my alliby here soon. The dude shook his leg the whooooollllleeeee fucking class. Our class is in a mobile building. His G.D. leg shook the whole fucking floor...the whole fucking class. Ugh.

Pray for me.