Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lost in though

I have had quite a bit on my mind lately. I feel like when I don't blog for a prolonged period of time it takes a while to get back.

I struggle to find the words to be able to put everything I am feeling down onto one blog. I feel lost in my own thoughts. I focus on one task at a time. I find solace in organizing paperwork and cleaning to a new extreme. I distract.

I'm currently in my bed with a laptop and a remote. The pup is passed out on the husbands side of the bed. The husband is at work.

I know none of this makes sense but i just don't know what else to write. Its coming out in stages and in broken thoughts and in garbled ideas.

I  have a lot of ideas for blogs and for where i want to take this blog.

  • I want to blog about my anxiety and my struggles to overcome it
  • I want to blog about my battle with migraines. 
  • I want to blog about my clumsiness  so you all can laugh along with me. 
  • I want to blog about my new found love for the Big Bang Theory
  • I want to blog about my Christmas projects (a little late, i know)
  • I want to blog about my struggles with my weight and how I'm taking control. 
  • I want to blog about how I just bawled over an episode of Grey's Anatomy
  • I want to blog about how my best friend in the planet who I love more than anything and is the mother of the amazing godson of mine is in a desperate cycle of mental and verbal abuse from a sleezy guy with a 15 letter 2 vowel first name who should thank his lucky stars i'm 600 miles away. 
  • I want to blog about the ups and downs of being a military wife
  • I want to blog about school. 
  • I want to tell you guys that I just got my first 4.0 ever. (I called my mommy and cried happy tears).
  • I want to blog about my troops and how happy and frustrated they make me on a daily basis
  • I want to blog about the serious spins I get when I take my meds (currently the room is spinning around me)

There is so much. I know I need to take it one step at a time, one blog at a time, one topic at a time. but there it is.

Also, I love my blog layout but i feel its a bit busy for me right now. So i will be on the hunt for a new lay out.

Any suggestions?
Any thoughts?