Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day Number One!

Today B left for some military schools.

Today is day #1 of being alone and holding down the home front. Its interesting.

here's a recap of today:

I dropped B off at the airport at like 4am this morning. His flight ran long! but he got some sleep and got some food in his system.

and then... they over booked his flight so he had to wait on other people because they're dumb (one of his biggest pet peeves)

and then... he was flying for the first time on a prop plane.

and then... they lost his bags. They found his bags and they came in on the next flight.

my poor husband.

he starts his school tomorrow afternoon. i told him to drink his last beer (if he could) or soda and lay on the bed and relax.

I on the other hand:

have cleaned the living room
done the laundry
cleaned off the dining room table
cleaned off my desk
gone to lunch with my bff
bleached the counter tops
did the dishes
went to dinner with my parents

and.... drank beer lol.

I'm a worrier by nature and i take it out by cleaning. hahahahaha

so I'm laying here in bed struggling to find the urge to fall asleep ::insert yawn here:: (<-it really did happen). And so i figured I'd get back into the swing of things with the blog,

lose this second wind, and hopefully CRASH OUT.

wish me luck on my first of many nights alone here in the very near future.