Thursday, May 6, 2010

Holy Moly

My last post was March 2nd!?!?

MARCH 2ND!?!?!?!?!?!?!


lets give you an update.

-I'm still working for the devil's bitch
-I still hate my job
-I plan on quiting as soon as its possible
-I've lost 30lbs since December
-I fell down a flight of stairs a while back
-I'm still in physical therapy for my neck
-I hate my job
-Muscle spasms in my neck make my life HELL!
-I'm training for a 5k
-I'm just living and loving life

-He was accepted to Active Duty Air Force
-He got his Commission early this month
-He is awaiting his orders
-He is supposed to leave sometime late this month
-He is going to be gone for 15 weeks worth of school

-We're getting stationed in California
-I'm getting set to get 1 term of school done while B's gone
-I can't wait to get back into school
-I'm going to miss him while he's gone, but I'm excited for him to go so i have some alone time.


Mrs. S said...

Well howdy, stranger! I thought you may have fallen off the face of the earth!

30lbs!? You are a stud and I'm jealous. Keep up the good work!

CageQueen said...

well if you get so cal then you will have a built-in friend only a few minutes away! ;)

Crossing My Fingers said...

Great job on the weight loss! How's the 5K training going? I'm training for a half-marathon right now and I think I've lost my mind...guess IF does that to ya!