Friday, July 30, 2010

Tiny Health Scare

So this week was 'That appointment'. The one appointment every year that woman dread.

Since my doctor was already going down south, I decided to talk to her about this mole I had on my upper inner thigh. Think right where your inner thigh, butt cheek, and groin all meet.

We have a lot of cancer in my family. Most recently my Great Uncle (mom's uncle) died of complications from lung cancer. My Grandmother (mom's mom) has non-severe skin cancer. She gets 'chunks' of skin removed every 4-6 months.

so needless to say I'm very aware. I check my moles, I check my breasts, etc.

I brought this to her attention was strange for 2 reasons:
1) It had developed in less than a year
2) It extended past the normal skin layer.

After the normal pap, she took a closer look at the mole.

She decided to remove it so she could send it in for testing.

Nothing says "have a good day" like an anesthesia shot to the vagina at 8 am.


No it wasn't actually on my vagina, but a lot closer to it than I ever wanted.

I don't think I've ever said "fuck" that loud in my whole life. I apologized and then kept my fucks to an inside voice.

The 1st shot hurt soooooooooooo bad (10 out of 10). the 2ND one hurt, but not as bad (7 out of 10). The 3rd shot wasn't bad, just a little pinch (2 out of 10).

I told her to tell me when she was done, because I didn't want to look.
I was really proud, I didn't cry at all.
I got teary eyed with the anticipation, but during the actual procedure - no tears (but lots of "fucks")
B thinks I 'passed out' and don't remember crying. He doesn't think its believable that I didn't cry.

So I'm a little worried, just because it developed so quickly. But I trust my doctor when she says don't worry about it. She IS sending it in, just in case, but she seriously doubts its anything.

So I currently have a rather large bandage in a very inconvenient spot.
Tonight is the first time I changed the bandage (I put it off a little long). I was finally able to see what it looked like.

I have a 1/4" circle chunk of skin missing. because of the angle, I can't see how deep it is. The doctor said i have to keep it covered and dry until it "fills in" so I think it might be a bit deeper than I expected.

for what its worth, i think after this i can get a wax NO PROBLEM!



a H.I.T. said...

Moles are the worst. Skin cancer runs in my family too, so I know all about mole removals. It doesn't matter how many I've had biopsied, it still hurts every time they cut it out.

Good luck!

Just Add Walter said...

oh no - thinking of you and sending a prayer that everything turns out ok. PLEASE keep us posted!