Saturday, May 28, 2011

First phone post

So this is new to me on so many levels. First I am new to this whole 'smart phone' thing, second I'm in a new state of mind. Third, I'm an insomniac posting from my bed when I should be sleeping.

So my fine friends, shall we catch up??

Lets start with school. Wednesday was my last day of spring term and my last day of my first term here I Cali. What a b* of a term it was!!! So in Oregon the school terms are way shorter, think a 2:1 ratio for 'spring' terms. I took 20 credits this term: 1) history & English class 8cr. 2) interior design - materials & techniques 4cr. 3) math - Intro to algebra 4cr. 4) health online course 4cr.

To say it was an intense term is putting it mildly. But I honestly didn't really feel the weight of if until roughly the last 3 weeks. That's when I started to feel like EVERYTHING was due at the exact same time. But to be honest I really enjoyed the term. I learned a lot, not only in the classes but about Cali schools and about the people too.

I have a 10 day break, then summer term starts. I transferred schools due to budget cuts in the Interior design major at the first school. Which stinks because I really enjoyed the girls in that class. But I cant wait around for the classes I need.

My health - I decided to do this topic next because it directly effects my military career and my weight loss goals.
So I'm not sure how much I posted about this before but since about the first of the year I have been battling debilitating migraines. Ive been in the ER 4 times im 5 months, seen 4 different doctors, and have been on countless meds. Its been a rough go of things to say the least. So I finally got a GREAT doc and nurse and things have been looking up. They found out I have a significantly under active thyroid, so I am on daily pills for that. I had a sleep study done, I go in on the 1st for those results. That was an interesting experience. I literally had a pony tail of wires on me head!! I really hope I don't have to do that again, but it is a possibility.

I'm currently on:
1) birth control pills (low hormone)
2) thyroid pill
3) sinus/migraine pill
4) migraine pain pill
5) daily sinus spray

I think I'm missing something, but you get the idea. I know it seems like a lot, but it seems to be working. I've only been to the ER once on this mix of pills, lol. OH!!!! I forgot to tell you I get to sleep with that sexxxy nose strip breathe right thingy, its pretty badass!!!

Military- so I try my best to do my best at whatever I do. But in my military life, I seem to have something that always kept people from seeing my full potential... Until now! This unit has afforded me the opportunity to prove myself and shine!

Ive been able to start a new training program. Ive taken on a lot of responsibility as the booster club prez. Ive started trying to get additional training done for people in need of it, not just in my section.

We had a BIG inspection last month and my troops did outstanding, our section didn't get a single bad note! I'm so proud of them.

Now... If I could only pass my PT test, I would be golden. Its the one stinking pile of shit in my meadow of flowers. As soon as I pass the test, I'll be able to do so so so much more. It will be the last obstacle in my path towards WORLD DOMINATION... BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Speaking of my fitness, on to my weight loss goal...
Now that I can post from my phone, I think I'll be able to update that blog more.

I was seeing a personal trainer, but she kept canceling appointments, and eventually quit on me. I had seen another trainer in the gym, and after one of my canceled appointments I stopped her and asked if she had any openings. Thank goodness she did. She's amazing. I call her my tiny nazi! I mean it in the best way. Shes so motivating and tough at the same time. She has a track record of passing scores. So I really don't want to break that record.

I have SO much riding on this test, I have to pass, their is no other option.

Well..... That about wraps it up. Ill try and post Mor often. It will be easier now that I have this option.

Later gaters.