Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Holy weird dreams

I'm kind of known for some weird ass dreams. I cant tell you how many twisted nightmares or cracked oit.dreams i've had over the years. Recently my dreams have been weirder than what I am usec to.

Like tonight.
I litterally just woke up, grabbed my phone, and logged in to tell you all.

So in my dream I just returned from a trip, and whiled I was gone my husband became an overnight internet star. I walk into our bathroom and he's standing on one of our dinning room chairs shaving in the reflection of the shiwer head. Then when I look around there is writting all around in lipstick. When I asked what it was amd why it was there he said it was."taglines and screen names from his fans". Then he shows me the spiderman decals that his fans bought him. He gets a call, and walks out of the room. I cant.follow him because i'm peeing... Then I wake up. Omg.