Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weirdest Dream/Scary Dream

So the following events happened in my twisted sleeping brain:

B & I are hiking in the Oregon woods. All of a sudden we see a much of people carrying doors up the trail heading in the opposite direction of us. Then as soon as we saw them leave, they're back rushing back in the direction they just came to retrieve more doors.

We saw a girl carrying doors the opposite direction, she was struggling to get down part of the rocky trail, so B & I helped her. I asked her a couple questions in broken spanish, but enough to communicate as to why her arm was all torn up. She told me it was nothing. She said that she had fallen carrying the doors. Who was I not to believe her.

She then speed up and disappeared amongst the trees.

We kept walking and seeing the amazing sights of Oregon forest.

Soon we came into a clearing and there was this house. Of course we had to go explore the house. Turns out that the house is a historical house with things on display. We go inside and start looking around at all the things on display. Soon an older man and a middle aged man come into the room. They start talking to us about the items on display and what they mean.

As we are going through the displays and we come across a ukulele. The older man tells B that he can play the ukulele if he wanted to. So my husband being who he was, he picked it up. Little did I know that he could play the ukulele. He busted it out and played like he was a pro.

The middle aged man is standing over by me as i'm in shock and in awe of my husband rocking that little instrument. The older man is circling in and out of the displays watching us.

I'm standing by this display of little cards, and little packets with names on them. I start to look a bit closer at the packets and I realize that the names are human names.

I turn to look at the middle aged man and he is smiling, but the smile is no longer a smile of happy amusement. It has turned into this dark sinister. When I turn to look at B he is magically transformed into a dandelion. In my shock, I can barely hear the sound of the other men in the room laughingly taunting me. I hear them through my fog saying I had better make sure I get all the pieces of my husband other wise I won't be able to put him back together. I scramble and grab an envelope and stuff the dandelion that is my husband in it as quickly as possible. I realize that the men are circling me like a couple vulchers.

I bolt out of the room as fast as I possibly can. I'm running in the opposite direction of the path for fear of the door carriers would stop me. I find another house that is on a cliff. Part of the house was on the cliff. So i busted into the house and found my way down to the basement so that I could get off the cliff. I am searching and searching for a way out of the house. I finally find a door that opens to the out side. I poke my head out of the door to check to see if anyone was coming and I see that the door carriers coming towards the door.

I look at my hand, see the packet that is my husband and I start to cry.

Then my husband came in the door of the bedroom and woke me up.

This seriously was the most insane dream i've had in a long time. whoa.