Monday, October 22, 2012

Its about that time

So, the time that I have been dreading is rapidly approaching.

We are now far to close to my husbands deployment date than I feel is necessary. lol

Its a weird emotion for me.
I'm super excited for him to go. I know that he'll learn so much and get to do a lot of things we just can't do stateside.
but I don't want him to go. lol.
But I'm excited for him to leave because I have a lot to do this term and its hard to get all the time to do it when i'm trying to spend all the time I can with him.
but I don't want him to go.

You see what I mean?

But as much as I want him here. I'm super excited for him to get there.
plus he's ADD is out of.fucking.control.
and his deployment shit is fucking everywhere!!!

I'd like a clean house please.