Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My husband got in a fight with a ZOMBIE!!!

No seriously!
He was!

Okay bear with me on this one, I can't make this shit up.

 So last night we went to 6 flags in Vallejo, CA and got tickets to Fright Night. We got the roller coasters and then at 6 the park switches over to "fright night" and all the zombies come out and the haunted houses open. It was really cool.

We went through one and it was a "miner" theme. It wasn't scary but more a "jump out of no where" type of thing. We were right behind a family with teenage girls so they got all the screams. I even offered my beer to one zombie. It was pretty good. 

We went through one that was a "pig slaughter" it was real Hills Have Eyes shit. NOT FUCKING FUNNY! Scared the fucking shit out of me. Bri got mad because I took the "chicken exit".

The third one we went to was a "junk yard" theme. It was pretty freaky, not going to lie.
We got through the most of it. and in the middle we went around a bend and there was a fence with 2 empty oil barrels. B saw the zombie and put himself between it and me. So the zombie jumps up to scare us and goes to hit the oil barrel with a steel pipe.... well he hit B instead.

Fucking swinging for the fences and NAILS B right across the top of his right wrist. The poor kid look petrified. he couldn't have been older then 17. he was so freaked out that B was going to hit him.

So I put on my bitch face and we booked it out of the house. we didn't get stopped by a single zombie the rest of the way out. We get to the end and tell the security guy what happened.
Then we waited.
Waited for the EMT (park rule).
Waited for the "lead" on this house.
Waited for the supervisor.
Waited for guest services. etc etc.

All we wanted was for the kid to be talked to and be more careful. I mean it could have been a small kid. and we wanted our money back. We still had 2.5 hours of park to go. It was such a cluster. 

The worse part is this can effect B's PT test and B's deployment. If he's on lifting restrictions, he can't do his job with a lifting restriction. then if he can't do his job, he can't get deployed. 

I mean its to fucking funny.
He has the best legit story

"DUDE what happened"
"Zombie Fight"