Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Come on...

I'm barley able to stay above water right now.

Not just with money, or homework, or military work. Honestly. Its everything. I haven't had more than 3 days alone since my husband left.
So I had my drill weekend (busy as fuck)
Then the week before B left
B leaving
had 1 day
Family came in for thanksgiving
Family leaves
Had a duty day
Back to school
Back to my internship
Drill weekend
Had 3 airmen at my house (Christmas party victims)
Had one day
Sister-in-law came into town for work, stayed with me.
She's headed back home.
Next I have
2 back to back doctors appointments
My military Course-9 end of course test (which i HAVE to pass, because its the only thing holding up my promotion)
and then the long treck home for the holidays.
I don't plan on staying there through new years. I'd rather be here. watching movies. alone. lol.

I'd like a break.
I'd like a phone call/video call from my husband that isn't rushed or over heard.
I'd like some time to breathe.

I'm not going to get it.
But its what I would like.....