Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Went Off The Deep End

I took the plunge folks.
I've been talking to people for a while about it.
but I finally decided to do it.


You heard it here first ladies and.... ladies.

So on Jan 1st I started Whole 30.

There was a group of girls I know doing it and with B being deployed. Now is the best time.

I am not going to lie, part of it sucks. but its not hard.

I had read "It Starts With Food" a while back, but the way B eats, its just not practical.

 It is an awesome, bluntly, honest book about food, our mental-fuck that is the way we eat. and i love it. So when I saw this plastered on everyone's facebook, blogs, instagrams, etc.

So I decided, why the fuck not.
So I did it.
I'm all in.