Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh, The Fear

So I have a confession.

I have Dipsophobia
I am desperately, insanely, crazily afraid of the Dentist.
You know how some people fear riding in planes, spiders, etc. I fear the dentist.

I had a bad incident when I was a kid where they drilled before I was numb.
Then long stretches of not having dental insurance so I always had cavities.
Those 2 coupled with some serious anxiety normally and you get some serious catatonic fear.

I thought I had finally kicked the fear when we were still back home.
I had found a really really amazing dentist. They just opened an office around the corner from our old apartment. Plus the dentists first and last names were the same as my husbands first and middle name.
A freaking sign, right?
He was amazing. He totally understood my fear. He was so helpful.

So, I felt pretty good when I moved down here. I made an appointment to go to a local dentist. And it was an EPIC FAILURE!!

First, the office was really hard to find.
Second, I had to wait in the office for over 20 minutes past my appointment time
Third, When they finally called me back, the tech was rough when she took my x-rays and then I seriously sat around for over an hour. then the tech complained about how small my teeth were and then the dentist was really forceful. she wanted me to wait another hour and come back and have something done. I left, cried, and never went back. 

But now the military has said I need a note from my Civilian Dentist. So...fuck.
A new dentist opened up not to far from the house. I thought i'd give them a chance.

I'm freaking out. B, isn't here. I have no one here.
I am slightly freaking out.
By slightly I mean I'm majorly having panic attacks on the inside.