Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jolie Wilkins Series by HP Mallory

So, my life has taken a shitty turn lately. so I'm distracting myself with cheesy ABC family TV shows and book reviews.

Jolie Wilkins Series
By: HP Mallory

This series was so fun to read. Its am interesting new spin on paranormal fun fiction. Jolie Wilkins is a small time fortune teller in a small town in Washington. She is content with get little life. She has her car, home, cat, the shop, and her best friend. All seems perfect until a stranger storms into her life and flips it upside down. Rand sweeps into Jolie's life and brings her into a world she didn't know existed.
I highly recommend this series. I love Jolie. I kind of want her to be my friends in real life.

(series in order)
- Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, a Paranormal Romance (Jolie Wilkins Series, Book #1)
- Be Witched (Novella)
- Toil and Trouble, a Paranormal Romance
- Witchful Thinking (Jolie Wilkins Series, Book # 3)
- The Witch Is Back (Jolie Wilkins Series, Book # 4)
-Something Witchy This Way Comes (Jolie Wilkins Series, Book #5)