Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 1 - Smashed it.

As this week draws to a close I thought I might blog about the ups and downs of the first week on Whole 30

I read about all of the Whole 30 tips, tricks, testimonials, etc. So the weekend before I packed up EVERYTHING out of my house. I packed up 5 bags and 2 boxes of (semi)healthy food and gave it to one of my co-workers. She's a tiny little thing and has 2 kids. So I figure, she can use the food.

So as you know Monday was New Years Eve. It was.... interesting. I spent it in bed watching movies. Lol. With B deployed, I didn't want to go anywhere where I'd have to drive home.  So I just stayed here. and had wine. lol.

That was Monday.

Tuesday It all started. The Showroom I work at was closed, so I used today to go to the grocery store. I stocked up on veggies, fruits, eggs and meats.

Can I just say how hard it is to find bacon with out SUGAR in it. FUCK! I just want bacon.

I did pretty well all week. The food is glorious. I had talapia and green beans for 3 nights in a row, simply because it was so freaking good.

The major downside to the first week is the withdrawl from everything. I went further than most with the Whole30. I gave up caffeine too.

The side effect or side bonus of this Whole 30 is I find more out about my migraines and my battles with them.

So I gave up fake sugar, anything processed, most carbs, caffeine, alcohol, and um... I think thats it.

When I tell people this, they say "so what do you eat?" but seriously, there is so much more to life than all of that crap.

I'm eating like a mother fucking queen!
Sometimes you want something bad, but you have to remember that those little things got me here to this weight. those things got me to this point. Those things aren't going to stop me now.

So I started a support group with some of my friends and we do weekly weigh ins. I know on whole30 they suggest not weighing yourself till the very end, but I did.

So 12/31 I weighed in at 202.5.... and I cried. I've never been at that weight. It is my all time heaviest. I couldn't believe it. but it happened.

on 01/06 I weighed in at 195.5. Thats a 7 lb difference in just one week.

The headaches are still here almost nightly. but i'm still holding out hope.

On to week 2....