Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hi, How you doing?

Fancy meeting you here.

So i haven't blogged in well over a year. I've been a bit pre-occupied. Lets do a life catch up

in November 2012, My husband deployed to Afghanistan.

In January I started my bachelors program at Academy Of Art University for a degree in Interior Architecture and Design.

In June 2013, My husband came home.

Around the time he was coming home we decided that for multiple reasons, I would stay off my birth control. I went off originally for my many issues with migraines. I did the Whole 30 Paleo program at that time too.

In August 2013, We took a pregnancy test and it told us we were pregnant. Unfortunately the next day we found out we weren't. I had what some people call a 'chemical pregnancy'

Then in September 2013, my period which was SUPER regular was late. I was hesetant to take a test. But the test came back positive. This time the baby stuck.

During the pregnancy we got word that B would be getting orders soon and we would be moving. Little did we know that we were moving to GERMANY!

39 weeks later (roughly) I became a mom. I'll post about the birth later. It was... an ordeal to say the least.

8 July 2014 James Stefan was born
He was born via c-section at 0021. 7lbs 11 oz 20.5" long.
The movers showed up on July 28th and packed up our house.
On August 8th we had James' one month appointment and we were cleared to travel. Coincidentally, that day B finished his out processing.

Saturday August 9th we decided to pack up and start our leave by driving 10 hours north to come home before we leave for Germany.

Currently I'm sitting on the couch at my Father-in-laws house.

Its been an EPIC whirl wind of a year. I wouldn't change a thing.

I decided to get back into blogging to get out 'all the feels'. Motherhood has been such a mixed bag of emotions. I really haven't had a moment since James was born to get a moment to myself to really evaluate everything. So here's hoping that I will stick to the blog and be able to talk out/Type out everything in a manner that works both for me and makes sense to you.