Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Good Morning.
Its Tuesday.

HOLY SHIT! its fucking Tuesday.
okay so I'm almost done packing.

today i have to go shopping again. i need to get 2 pairs of running shoes, a pair of black flip flops, mouth wash, and something else but i can't remember.

I've got to clean out my wallet and transfer it to my new smaller wallet. Ok, this is really girly but i think its kind of nice. For Christmas i got B a new wallet. So I'm going to take his old one with me and use it. yeah, i could get a new one, a cleaner one, a more girly one, but i like the idea of having a small part of him with me every day. silly yes. but it works for me

I have almost everything packed, i have to pack the last little bit right now. my uniforms got treated for bugs and mites last night. So once their dry i think I'm going to pack them in garbage bags, and then pack them. they kind of stink. if you've ever cleaned guns the smell is like gun solvent and bug spray had a baby and that baby was liquid and poured all over the clothes. lol.

on another topic, i won 4 dollars on a scratch it this morning. that was kind of cool.

I'm really rambly right now. but I'm pretty calm at the moment. we'll see how that goes after my shopping trip today. I'm going with my little brother. I'm kind of excited to spend time with him. he's really really freaking funny.

OH SNAP! i almost forgot to tell you about my dinner last night.

okay so the dinner didn't go so bad. the in laws were at the other end of the table. I really tried to like them and include them. it was really nice. they were slightly annoying but at least we're done with it and its okay.

my dad gave me a gift. he called it my "moral gift" he had some random stuff in it. lol. like electronic games to take on my trip. Then he gave me something that made me cry.

he gave me the flag my mom sent him while he was deployed. he put stuff inside the folded flag. he put in his dog tags, an air force brat coin, an 83rd coin (our old unit), and a dog tag i gave him when i joined that says "daughter proudly serving". i cried. I have the most awesome and supportive parents EVER!! i'm so excited. i love them.

I actually got a decent nights sleep last night. which is surprising. i don't sleep well lately.

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.-- Jane Howard



hannah said...

How sweet sweet of your father. I can tell that you have the supportive wonderful family that I can imagine you need right now. Wishing you the best Rotty!