Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm weird

I just thought I'd start this post off with that.
I'm weird. I get that. If you accept it. This post will make A LOT more sense.

So, i do this thing. where i talk to people in my head.

Not only that, but i give people names in my head. I don't know these people, but i do it because... well I'm not really sure i know why. i just do.

when i used to work at the hospital and take the public transportation i used to do it ALL.THE.TIME! (Exhibit A & Exhibit B).

well, now i do this at the gym.

there are people that are nice like the 'early morning swingers couple' (who are all to friendly and to much energy for 5am), there's the Mrs.intense (she says nothing, she never looks around she's focused), then there's Mr.McFlirtyEyes (I've never talked to him, but you can tell). ya. i know I'm weird. we've established this.

so this happened in my head today (no this is not an actual interaction)

me: ::walks to shower::

overly exposed lady (walks around with a towel around her waste and a granny bra): ::looks at my feet:: i don't know how you can shower with out appropriate shower shoes

me: meh

O.E. Lady: its just gross

me: i figure if i can survive showers in Iraq, then I'm pretty safe in the showers at X gym.

O.E. Lady: ::shakes her head::

-end scene-

ya i don't know why i do this. I may very well be crazy. but at least its all happening in my head.
but here's why i post this.

I was talking to my boss today about water. (these are actual events)

her: aren't you proud I'm looking for my water

me: why don't you just fill your bottle at your desk

her: i have a new bottle in my car with 'home' water

me: ::give side eye:: are you a closet water snob
(fyi we have a water fountain in the back of the plant)

her: uh.... i just don't trust that water

me: ::chuckles:: hey, i figured if i could use the water in Iraq to shower and brush my teeth and be fine, than that water is safe too.

her: ::cracks up laughing:: now THAT is funny

me: ::ponders the conversation in my head at the gym::


have a happy Wednesday!



Frugal Vicki said...

You crack me up. I have conversations in my head to play something out, but I don't usually go through the whole scenario. You are too silly.