Sunday, December 27, 2009

My work is a Soap Opera (part I)

Have no fear if your favorite soap is being canceled. you can just come to work with me and you'll be set

So lets introduce the characters

SH - Manager of department L
TR - 2ND in command of department L
TR's Minions - her followers
SH-B - SH's Beau

So SH's Beau is kind of a 'bad boy' he had been avoiding the law and his punishment before i left for Iraq. When I came home i found out he was in jail. He kept getting in trouble so he kept getting his sentence lengthened (or whatever you call it)

well when he finally got released SH decided to take 2 days off to go pick him up, and run around town doing what ever it was that he needs to do after being released. SH has worked here since she was 17 and this is her first and only job she's ever had. She gives her heart and soul to her job. This is the first time she's asked for days off in 5 years. She normally cashes in her vacation. and works year round. Often coming in on holidays to solve this problem or that.

Well, TR & her minions didn't like the fact that SH was getting time off. They don't like her because SH's salary screws up their budget profit. Ever since TR has been invited to the budget meetings and other meetings she's become increasingly hostile to SH because of how much she makes. TR even made a scene screaming at SH saying "if i made what you made I'd be here all the time." and "you make XYZ, you should be here early and stay late" that's right ladies, she announced to everyone with in ear shot what SH makes. It was wildly inaccurate amount, but still.

So TR & her minions decided its time to screw SH out of her 2 days off. So you what do you think they did?

They pretended that minion numero uno had SWINE FLU! so that SH would have to cover numero uno's shifts.


well. Big Daddy Boss Man (or Big daddy for short) asked for documentation, and POOF numero uno was all of a sudden fine and dandy.

I work in the front office, but i work for a different section of the parent company. My boss and i have NOTHING to do with department L, other than having their filing in our office.

While SH was on her 2 day vacation numero uno decides to demand to know where her paperwork is from my boss. um... what?

So my boss just looks her square in the eye, and tells her she's not talking to a minion and that she has nothing to do with their paperwork, and walks away.

I tell SH i do not envy her and I'm not sure how she even works with those people.

the only problem is Big daddy thinks the sun shines and sets out of TR's ass, and she's just the cutest thing since baby kittens. ::gags::

Like sands through the hour glass.
These are the days of our lives.