Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long Time No Chat

I've been going through a lot of stuff.

I completely hate my job 80% of the time. its no secret.
B got selected but we have no other information.
We're trapped in this 8 x 10 box
We're broke... really broke
I'm frustrated
He's frustrated
my bff and godson are going through a lot which i feel required to help her with.
I'm working out more, but that means less time for blogging or being on the boards chatting with friends
I'm frustrated

god help us.
if we can get through this, we can get through anything.

i miss you all
i miss my blog roll
i miss my followers
i miss friend making Mondays
i miss time out Thursdays
i miss wordless Wednesday
i miss fill in Fridays
i miss the pictures
i miss the laughs
i miss the tears

I'm just so out of time anymore.

but soon. soon I'll be back.