Thursday, March 17, 2011

So I made my self look like an ASS this weekend

I got served a BIG old case of humble pie yesterday.

So this weekend we had drill, and I was the ONLY supervisor on shift. So I had roughly 15 ‘kids’ to watch. I was a glorified babysitter this weekend, but all in all it wasn’t bad. The one thing that I’m a stickler for more than anything else is theirCDC’s (career development course).

So I knew one of the other new Airmen was in his CDC’s. So I asked him about them, and when he would be done with his end of course test for this volume. They are expected to have each volume completed when they come in on Saturday morning. Saturday was CRAZY busy (I did over 47 evaluations).

So on Sunday I asked him where he was with it. He said he wasn’t completed with it, which honestly I’m happy he was honest. He’s not my normal troop, and I know that his supervisor is more lenient. So I told him I needed it by sign out.I go back into the class room where I tell my Airmen to ‘study’. I don’t care if your doing homework, or cdc’s. As long as your where I expect you to be, and are doing something productive, I can’t be do mad… anyways, I go back there and he’s MIA. I go back several times, and he’s still gone. Right now I’m PISSED! So I tell one of the other Airmen to call him and to come see me ASAP! So I pull him a side and I lay into him. I don’t yell but I talk really sternly.

Come sign out (over 4 hours after I told him to work on them), he still isn’t completed. He says “XX told me that I didn’t have to, I have till the end of the month.” WHOA WHOA WHOA! So I take off to go talk to XX, only to learn that this Airmen that I have been harping on all damn day is AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! He’s working on NEXT months CDC!

::insert head straight up ass::


I apologized in front of EVERYONE!I was wrong, and I knew it. I apologized from the bottom of my heart for doubting him, for not looking at his contract (which says what volume he should be on), I apologized for scolding him.

I’m so used to my problem children that I just assumed he was behind. Boy was I wrong. I felt like a complete and total ass!!!

The worst part is... this kid (he's 27) is the SWEETEST fella! I swear to god. He's the kind of person you want to protect from everything. I hate myself for scolding him. Ugh!



Mrs. Case said...

being able to apologize, publicly, is a sign of strong character so dont beat yourself up too bad. for what it is worth since youre his superior, he couldve mentioned his status at sometime rather than letting you go on and on. besides, going mia for four hours and not reporting back because of what someone else told him is not apropriate on his end, either.