Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well... This is interesting

So we got briefed this weekend that the Air Force is OUT of money. They are seriously OUT.

We have enough to get paid for this weekend, but all extra duty is canceled. Deployments are getting delayed, orders are being canceled.

Our sister units are unsure about if they are going to be able to be paid.

They've canceled the rotators flight that goes from base to base picking up reservists. This is devastating news for a LOT of people that depend on it to get to the base for the weekends.

They've grounded missions and cargo flights because the Air Force can't afford to fund them.

This is insane. I have never seen it this bad. It’s just crazy.

My friend shared THIS LINK with me. OMG!

My career field is one of the few that still has primary enlistment bonuses.

We've closed bases too, thats why we had to switch to drilling over 150 miles away from home. They even made our old base is now a 'super base' to help save money in both the Army and the Air Force.

Its crazy. We're SO understaffed as a whole. both as a reserve unit and on the Active Duty side, and we keep shrinking.



Mrs. Case said...

this is NOT good news, especially given the state of our political affairs. sigh.

Krista said...

Definitely not good news. Please be careful about posting this stuff though. I would not want to see you get in trouble for sensitive information being put out there.

Just In Case. Will keep you and our military in my thoughts and prayers during these turbulent times.

Mrs.Rotty said...

I don't believe I posted anything that could get me in trouble. There were no specific details. but it never hurts to be extra vigilant.
Thanks doll.