Saturday, March 5, 2011

Its been rough

first its p-week so i'm overly emotional as it is. So the things that got me so upset seem kind of minor, but when added all up it was just more than I could handle.

I called my mom last night and just cried.
It just hit me how hard it is to be so far away from home and have no friends.

The whole school situation is hard. And I think that I don't get to see B much now, whats going to happen when my school is over an hour away?

I feel like I don't really get to spend time with him because he's on nights, and when we are home together. I spend a lot of time in my office doing my homework. I have to stay on top of it because if i take a day off I just drown in it.

We try and stay on top of the chorese, he's been trying to help. but it just got over whelming.

The landlord is a dirt bag and I just want to get out of this place. but we still have about 6 months on the lease.

My head aches are out of control. I have one about every 3 days now.

My headache meds don't help my sleeping. They make me drowsy, but won't actually let me get sleep. so the first 2 hours i'm actually asleep Its that awkward half sleep where you have wicked vivid weird dreams.

I'm still struggling with my re-enlistment bonus. I still don't have the last payment from my first bonus.

I had to call my old state DMV again because they never got me the documents to get my license renewed from here. I do NOT want a drivers license in this state.

I had to call the VA because my school still hasn't been paid off. but they show that its been paid, so now i have to go to my school and figure out why they haven't posted it.

I'm just spent.
I'm tired
I'm sore
I'm over it.
I just want my mommy