Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amazing Opportunities

So life is so frustrating sometimes.
Allllllllllll summer I have been looking for and applying for jobs.

The first time I get a phone call back I was in Georgia for the military.

I was able to arrange an interview for when I came home. But  unfortunately, didn't get the job. Because I'm a military wife & my future is unstable, she ”didn't want to train me to work somewhere else”. And before you ask, no she technically can't do that. But 1) she has a point & 2) would I really want to fight it and force her to hire me, and possibly burn that bridge? The answer is: no.

I had another interview the week before school started. This place wasn't bad, but I didn't think it would challenge me. I knew I could do it. But the question was: did I want to?

The day after I had the interview, I found out I got the internship I really REALLY wanted.

The day after that, I got a job.

Soooooooooooooooo fuck.

I sat down and did the math for what the job  was offering in pay an hour, minus taxes, & minus gas (it was a 45 min drive each way). Then I made a list of pro's & cons for both the job and the internship. Then I called the internship to ask if it was paid... Which it wasn't.

Then I stressed about it. And over thought everything. Then stressed some more.

Next, I had to talk it out with B. I told him everything, laid out the facts and my feelings. And waited and waited and waited. B is an internalizer. He had to think it out in his head before he can talk about it. What he decided was, he didn't have the right info to make an educated decision. He suggested that I ask someone in the field. So, I immediately emailed my favorite instructor. He pretty much said to take the internship.

So after another conversion with B.

And we decided that the internship was just to good to pass up. The experience was worth the lack of pay.

So now I am an intern at a premier design show room, shadowing an amazing designer, and getting crazy amounts of experience in all aspects of the Design field.