Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GLB: Week one

(Sorry in advance for any typo's and autocorrect's. I'm posting from my phone.)

GLB = Group Lifestyle Balance
12 week weight loss/healthy living course.

So today was technically our second meeting, but I want to catch up on week one.

We met for the first time on the 10th. It's a decent sized group 14 total (I believe). A wide range of ages and sizes, only 2 guys but that's okay.

We went around the room and introduced ourselves and said why we wanted to be a part of this group.

Most of the woman say that thet were big their whole lives, they had kids and couldn't lose the weight, etc. but mines a little different. I was always skinny growing up. Grew up in a ”large size” family. I always feared getting fat, which lead to my battle with anorexia and anxiety. Then I met my husband, and for the first time ever in my life I felt ”safe” to be me. So, after a couple yet battle to over come my anorexia, it put on 20lbs... And instead of maintaining a healthy weight, I just kept gaining.

Now here I am in all my 191 pounds of glory.

This is not a healthy weight. And since my only way I knew to lose weight was to just stop eating, I need better tools and help to lose weight the right & healthy way.

This week's 'lesson' was about tracking. The coach (that's what they call themselves ”our coaches”) said the single most important weight loss tool is a food diary. So she handed us a little book to track everything we eat and drink. She said to not track calories, grams of fat, work outs, etc this week. All they want is for us to get in the habit of tracking. Which, by the way, is much much harder than it sounds.

So that was Monday morning.
That evening I was removed from my class (long story for another day).

Tuesday I had my internship (which I need to share also another story for another day) in the morning and my Green Design class at night. Did really well with my eating. I panned everything ahead. Had lunch and dinner with me, so it didn't get the urge to way junk. made dinner for B in the crock pot so it was done when he got home.

Wednesday, internship all day. Met with my trainer that afternoon and we ran on car at the duck pond for the first time. It was hot, but it was a nice run/jog. Our was nice to get out for a change. Fresh air and all that jazz. Did okay with my eating. My run  came at a weird time so I was a bit off.

Thursday: internship in the morning. Got to shadow Mrs.B on a job in a 2 MILLION DOLLAR HOME!!! Then I had my Advanced Kitchens class that, evening. I didn't do so well. Forgot to pack a fork for my lunch and only had snacks. Then splurged on chipotle.m and wayyyy over ate.

Friday: I went running with my trainer again. It was really fun to get out of the house for a bit and chat with a friend. That afternoon I went to the doctor to discuss my potions for an ingrown toenail. Well.... There was only one option: cut it out. Fuck did that suck! I'm glad it's done and over, but i'm going to avoid found,that again with all my might. Damn.
Wasn't very hungry because of the pain. I did have breakfast and a bit of dinner. B made me stir fry

Saturday: I was a bit stupid. And went to the case lot sale on base. Which in itself isn't that bad. But with a bum toe, no real budget, and no i've with me, I went a but over board. But to be fair I sent part to my brother at college, part its non-perishable to send to B when he deploys etc  by the end of the route, I haveto have a bagger boy help me push the ”cart” (picture the flat carts from Home Depot), to my car.

Sunday: I cleaned and read. statutes off my foot as much as possible.

So my week was a but crazy.
I did okay with eating
I need to cut out beer and coffee this week.
I did well taking my food Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
But Thursday I only got half of it. Friday, it only wrote down breakfast.
Totally forgot Saturday and Sunday. Oops.

This week will be better.
No more beer till after the 26 th (pt test).
My goals are:
· Eat at least 3 meals a day.
· Stay between 1200 - 1500 calories
· Drink more water than anything else each day (goal of min. 72 oz or 3 of my water bottles)
· keep better track of my food diary