Wednesday, December 5, 2007

lost, frustrated, sad

Its been a rough couple days. I'm struggling with lots of things that may seem really meaningless to others, but are really big to me.

I'm struggling in my college classes. I don't think i'm going to pass one of them, and the other i'm not doing a good grade. Its really hard for me. Things seem to be coming really easy to people around me, and i am struggling! It sucks! It hurts! I'm taking these silly courses in things that have nothing to do ith what i'm doing for school.

its just really hard on me to work so so so hard and get jacked up on school. I get stressed, then i get sick. I get sick, and i can't work. i can't work, and we don't get money. We don't get money, and we can't pay bills.

I'm so so so frustrated.


traceysob said...

Keep your chin up honey- it's only temporary. You'll get through this and get a job you love in a career that makes you happy and it'll all work out in the end.

MrsBolt said...

I know what you mean! dh made school look so easy! I don't remember ever seeing him study or read his book but he got A's almost the whole way through. I can't even get an A on a freakin open book test!!