Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It went way better than expected.
man boss reacted like most guys. non emotional, even, type reaction. he said that it sucks, but we'll deal with it and find me a temporary replacement while i'm gone.

she boss took it better than expected but not great. She asked a lot of questions and i helped explain what i could. at the end she told me she supported me and left it at that. So it went better than i thought.

Man-boss is supposed to tell the owner of the company. but i'm not sure if/when he will or did.

it will start slowly leaking around the plant here soon. But i'm prepared. lol.

Now that that is over all i have to worry about is school, work, homework, training, homelife, and family. dang. i have it so easy now. lol.


CarlyL said...

Glad it went better than expected!