Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last night was hard

Last night i had a nightmare.

Last night i dreamed my dad died.

I realized i was no longer dreaming when the background noise stopped. and yet, i couldn't shake it.

B rolled over and woke me all the way up. I was shaking the bed so hard by my sobbing, i woke him up.

It took me a good hour to stop crying and pull my stuff together. and another hour to get back to sleep. Even then, it wasn't good sleep.

I couldn't bring myself to call my dad in the morning. I knew if i heard his voice i'd LOSE IT! So i called him on my way home from work.

I love my dad
our conversation went like this

Dad: Hello
Me: Hi daddy. How you doing?
Dad: Fine... why?
Me: I had a bad dream last night
Dad: Oh ya?
Me: ::tears up:: yah, i dreamed you died! Are you okay?
Dad: yah, last time i checked i'm not dead.
me: thats good


in case you didn't know. I'm a HUGE daddy's girl. I love him!


Chatham said...

I also own the title of "Daddy's Girl!" Nasty dreams like that SUCK.

Side Note: You are smokin' hot :)