Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Insomnia Blogging

Hello blogosphere.

Tonights the 5th or 6th night B's been working nights. I'm laying in bed pondering life's lessons, thinking about the deep meanings or something like that.

such as, I hate wearing clothes to bed. but it just doesn't feel right when B's not home and in bed. So it takes me longer to fall asleep, but it feels better. How the eff does that work.


how can I love 1 author so much that i can't put down her books on one series. but on the new series I'm struggling to get through each book. How does she go from insomnia inducing to coma inducing?
who is the artist of this?
I don't know why i love this so much, I found it on another tumblr account. I fell in love with it. and stole it. I would give a photo-credit, but don't know which one I got it from.

Speaking of Tumblr.
I have one! I'm trying to do a 365 photo challenge. I had a lot of friends try this, and some have already stopped. its only 11 (technically 12) days into the new year.


I've been doing pretty good. I've been thinking of starting a challenge, or theme each week to try and make it interesting. Like I'm thinking about making next week an 'inside my house' week. Take pictures of things only inside my house. Or, a 'view from my couch' where every picture I take must be from the seated position on some portion of my couch (which is hugenormous by the way). We shall see though. I'm afraid if i give myself to much restrictions, I won't follow through. Right now its easy to post a random picture a day.... but we are only 11 days in.

I'm also keeping up with my 'healthy life style change'.

I'm trying to get a group of online friends to do a 'biggest loser challenge'. As well as doing a 90 day challenge with my friend in real life. Plus I've started doing the Insanity work outs again.

I really don't have a 'wrap it up' type of comment for all this, but I will leave you with a wee bit of awesomeness