Monday, January 10, 2011

When enough is enough

So in my last blog i stated that I was at a loss.

The reason I'm lost is in regards to one of my best friends in the whole world. I've talked about her a lot before on here. She's my best friend and the mother of my god son.

The problem is she's in an abusive relationship...... again. She's been with this boy (I say boy because men don't abuse women) for over a year now. and the longer she's been with him the worse he keeps getting. He isn't physically abusive, but he is mentally and verbally abusive xBizzilion.

On thursday night, It got so bad that she had to lock her self in their bathroom in order to get away from his verbal war he was waging against her.

On Friday, she went in for an abortion. The whole day he was calling, texing, and emailing her telling her he was moving all her stuff out of the house and that she was out on her own and that he wasn't going to be there for her at her appointment

Friday night, she was back with him. Telling me 'she hates how much she loves him'.

I feel so twisted with emotions inside.

I feel terrible that I'm not there to rescue her this time.
I feel terrible i wasn't there for her at her appointment to be the comfort he can't and won't be.

I feel incredibly relieved that I am free of the drama because i'm over 600 miles away with no possible way to get home to her.

If my godson wasn't in the middle of all of this, I probably would have cut ties with her and the drama a long long time ago.

but unfortunately there's a sweet little boy caught up in the mix, and I'm not about to let him out of my life any time soon.