Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do you smell that smell?

Whats that smell i'm smelling?


Fall is coming people! and i'm SOOOOOOOOO excited.

After reading NYC H.I.T and McMommy, I've decided to carry on the tradition.

So This is what i'm excited for this fall:


~Snuggling Under Blankets

~The Holidays

~Using my heater in my new car

~Long sleeves & Long plants

~Snuggly Sweaters

~Boots & Slippers


~Ciders and Coffee (its always better in the fall)


~Dark Colors! i love rich rich dark colors of fall. plums, burgdys, chocolates. love love love.


So food deserves its own category!










I'm so so excited!

Look what i got this weekend:

I Can not tell you how excited i am for fall!
Don't get me wrong, i love summer. but i'm ready for fall!

So what are you excited for?? i wanna know!


Marjie/Bridey said...

I am excited about my trip to Vegas

iasa said...

It would be nice to experience a proper autumn,one year. Somehow dipping below 80 degrees is just not the same. All of those things on your list sound wonderful.