Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Okay, how about a good update!!

So Happy Wednesday (or Hump Day as i like to call it)!!

Day #1 (08/11) - I decided that because i didn't have groceries, that i could eat whatever i wanted for lunch. So i had Taco Dell Mar. mmmmmmmmm. Mondito Burrito! anywhozer, I did go to the gym. My abs were still sore from my drill weekend PT Test, so i just did 35 min of cardio on the stationary bike and read my book.

{side bar} remind me later to catch you up on my recent reads! K? K!

After i got home, we went to the store and we got a lot of healthy foods. A lot of good things to eat and snack on.

That night, B made his classic home made calzone with ground turkey, a bunch of veggies and a tiny bit of cheese. lol. I love cheese, thats why he makes it. because if i made it it would be 96.5% cheese and 3% meet and .5% veggies. lol.

Day #2 (08/11) - I had a good start to the morning. I started with a Carnation Instant Breakfast, A chewie (90 calorie) bar, and a cup of coffee (home made, not starbucks).

For lunch i had a smart ones pasta with left over turkey and 2 plums.

For Snack i had a handful of the Healthy Pringles and only 1 coke for the day (HUGE DEAL!!). I Love Me some coke. Today i need to go to the Market and get some Coke Zero, not as good, but better than nothing.

We had bowling, so I didn't go Work out. But B did Make us dinner! We had Steak and Rice.
P.s. I FREAKING LOVE RICE!!! i'm weird, i know, but i seriously could eat an entire meal made of rice, but it has to be good rice. that whole minute rice shit reminds me of basic traning, not so tasty.

So i'm going to have a steak sandwich with the left over steak and rice as the side today for lunch and to tell you what, i'm WAY excited! lol!! WAY!

But now its time to pack my gym bag, make my coffee, pack my lunch, and get my happy ass to work.

Have a happy wednesday ladies!!!


Cammie said...

I had fruit for breakfast
totally screwing it by having chipolte today

Mrs. S said...

I love to 'hear' you more chipper! Keep up the good work!!