Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic,

... Awful, beautiful life

This new schedule/life style is kicking my ass!!
I know that I signed up for it, yada yada yada. but this is my blog and I'll whine if i want to.

the past week and a half has been sort of a 'transition' of sorts.
This is my class schedule
Monday: Math 1-330
Tuesday: History/English 930-1220 & Interior Design (materials & techniques) 2-530
Wednesday: Math 1-330
Thursday: History/English 930-1220
(soon i'll have an online class to boot, it starts in March. Why? I have not a clue)

Doesn't seem to bad, right? .... if you answered right to that question you are WRONG!

Every Math class I have a review worksheet, then a quiz, and then lecture. Yep, Every class (2 times a week) I have a Quiz or a test.

My History/English class is a new type of class. Its a 2 part class. It is English 02 and History 037 together. Its called a 'learning community'. Its actually a really interesting class. But there is a lot of work involved. I take no less than 6 pages of notes per class period. This class has 3 required text books, so there is a lot of reading.

My Interior Design class is not at all what I had expected. I thought it would be like the M&T class back at PCC. This class is all about field trips to different locations and manufacturers. Each class we have a guest speaker or a tour to go on. This isn't so bad except they're located all over the area. After each class meeting we're required to write a paper on what we learned, experienced, or took away from what we did or saw. Very vague, very open ended, and VERY frustrating.

To top it all of I'm started getting these head shattering headaches. I went to the doctor and he gave me some new medications. All the over the counter mix and match was not working for me.

The doctor said that if the meds don't help with in a month, or if they get any worse I'll go back in and get some head and body scans done.

Its been a whirlwind, but i'm hoping this next week I'll be able to get into the grove and hopefully be able to find time to get back into the gym. I need the gym time to get some of my frustrations out.



Mrs. Case said...

headaches are NO BUENO!!