Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lets talk about school

First, Rotty's Headache Watch 2011 - Update - I have a follow up appointment tomorrow at 830am with a doctor to follow up on my ER visit. Hopefully they'll adjust my meds and make it so *that* never ever happens again.

So I've had a love hate (mostly hate) relationship with this school. I've been frustrated and fighting with them to get my GI bill situated. Along with the frustrations figuring the school out, getting registered, buying books etc.

Today I found out the my major department is being drastically cut back. The one major class that I needed for the fall I found out isn't being offered, nor do they know when they will offer it again.

This just adds to the frustration I've felt getting transferred to a degree program that was significantly lacking compared to my last school. And now not only am I taking classes that might not be needed for the next school I go to, but I have to go through this whole process all over again.

And the school is further away to boot. It's just a crap-tastic- situation all around.

But lets end this post on a good note. I do love tuesdays for one reason: Lunch int he sunshine
Just me in the car, the radio on low, my book, and the sunshine for a whole hour. no chores, no homework, no worries! Just sunshine and reading.