Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ugh. PMS. Pissy Men Syndrom

Gah. B is on a fucking rampage tonight.

Right after I got home from class I was doing some chores around the house. He did the dishes last night while i did my homework. I said thank you for doing the dishes more than once.

So today I didn't have any rush homework, so I decided to clean out the fridge and do the dishes from the leftovers.

He walks in the kitchen (after I cleaned out the fridge, took out the garbage, took the cans to the curb, and was in the process of emptying the dishwasher) and says... "well, looks like you made short work of that!" Implying it didn't take me long to make the kitchen a mess agian.

Then after he got home from working out, he see's that I rented movies. He gets so upset that I rented movies. He tells me to stop spending money because we need to save money. I get it, but for FUCKING SERIOUS. its $17.00 every couple days. He works nights. there's only so much TV a girl can watch before she goes bizerk.

He can be so hard on me sometimes. I go in to his office to say I'm sorry and that I didn't realize that it was hurting us financially that much and I wouldn't rent so many next time. and he says... and i quote "yeah yeah... you didn't realize..." and goes back to his computer.

We hang out have dinner (I made roasted chicken breast and onion potatoes) watch a movie (The Other Guys) and everything seemed cool.

Then I couldn't get a jug of cranberry juice open, So I took it to B in his office to help.

He asks why i'm drinking cranberry juice, So i tell him. He asks "oh yah, whats in the freezer?" I say, "huh?" He says, "got some vokda did you?"

uh no... You told me last night that even 2 beers has an effect on my meds, why would I switch to hard alcohol?

I know he's just so tired, He doesn't normally act like this. But come on!

Its just that he needs sleep.

We were supposed to get our cable upgraded. The cable guy was supposed to be here around 2-4

he showed up (waking b up) at 115, waking B up. he normally sleeps until 4-430.

I love this man with all my heart but i'm so over today.



Mrs. Case said...

i'll admit to having some raging pregnancy hormones but damnit if men dont get super pissy, too.