Monday, February 7, 2011

The Saga Continues

So this round of head ache's wound me in the ER.

After 3 days of fighting it off on my own and self medication, my husband ordered me to get dressed because he was taking me to the ER.

Friday I woke up with a slight headache. I met a friend for lunch, took some meds before i left, and went about my day. That night i settled down and it got worse. I took some more pills and then when I went to bed I took my night time pills.

Saturday I woke up with a SCREAMER of a head ache. I couldn't move, open my eyes, or itch with out being in crazy amounts of pain. I moved from my bed to the couch and thats about it. I spent the majority of the day asleep. I went to bed about 8 o'clock on saturday. I woke up at around 930 and lost all of the food I had taken in that day. Which wasn't much, it was mostly saltines and fluids. I texted B to let him know. He called me all worried.

On Sunday when I woke up and wasn't much better, B made the decision that I needed to go to the ER asap.

I was in the ER for 3 hours. I got 2 bags of IV Fluids and 3 rounds of IV meds.
The ER doc told me he thought that the dosage of my medication needed to be re worked. That or I need my night meds to be switched to a differant medication. Which i would prefer just for the simple fact that it aids in weight loss.
I was woozy and fairly doped up when i left the ER, I came home and forced myself to eat something. Then I went to bed. I slept so sound.

I woke up today feeling more like myself than I had an a week. I got more accomplished today then I have all week. I was still feeling a little tired, So I went to my math class, but left after my test. I came home and relaxed and studied for my big test in my history class tomorrow. I should be asleep now. But, I think with all the sleeping I've done the last 3 days its kinda caught up to me a bit.

Tomorrow is my long day of classes. I have my hardest class 930 - 1220 and then my interior design snooze fest from 2-530

I will try and make it through all day with out taking my meds because they make it hard to concentrate, but I'm hoping I won't need them!

I also have to call the doctors office to make a follow up appointment to my ER visit. Hopefully at that point we can re address my meds.

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