Friday, January 4, 2008
So as many of you know i bowl on a league on Thursdays nights. I bowled on a team with my little brother "R" and my husband and a friend. My Parents bowled on a differant team with their friends. I've been around this leauge since i was born and it and the people on it mean the world to me.

Well last night was bowling AND their was a blazer game on. you all know how i love my blazers. Well they don't have TV's in the alley (dumb idea!) so we had to run into the bar.

Not that far away. B bowls before me. so we had this 'tag team' thing going. He would go bowl while i was watching the game. Then he would come and 'tap out' and i'd go bowl. then when I came back in i'd tell him, and 2 of the other teams players who was up and they'd bowl. So in the bar was me and B and 2 of the players from the other team. w

ell we waited till the 4th quarter... then the blazers went into DOUBLE OVER TIME (against the bulls!)!!!well the game is almost over and B tells me that R is mad at me because i'm not bowling 'up to potential' the second game.

The first game i shot 6 pins over average but struggled even with out the game. I don't bowl league for average or to win, i bowl to have fun with friends and family. Well the game gets over, so we go down to our lanes.

FYI at that point there was over 25 people in the bar, so we weren't alone. my brother is down on my parents lanes biitching about us. Well he gets back to our lanes (he was up, but was busy talking), and he starts in on us saying shiit like "are you here now?" "are you realy really sure?" "are you able to make the distinction between basketball and bowling? because i'm not sure you can" and blah blah blah....well it dies down and we bowl a couple more frames.

and i go over to tlak to him. NORMALLY my brother and i can talk it out. He says something about the rules and how he could have us removed from the game blah blah. I told him i'm not just a team mate i'm his sister and i believe his taking this a little far. He then tells me to grow up and get over it. Yet, he's the one upset over a bowling game. we get into it again. i get in his face and he gets in mine. i stop and go bowl.

while i'm up to bowl R gets in B's face and they start in. i step in between them. B goes up to bowl at this point i've only thrown 1 ball and i'm still up. My little brother R then calls B an alcholic and this and that. I almost biitch slapped him then and there. but i didn't. I got pretty heated though. and told him he had "no right to say such things". again B had 4 beers. thats all.

i go up to finish my frame and while i'm up to bowl R calls me a tvvat!!!!i didn't hear it, but B, and the other team heard it. B goes after R. and i again step in the middle. this time my mom comes down. and steps in between. FYI, she works at the bowling ally, but isn't on the clock. B asks her "if it was any other man that just called your daughter a tvvat... what would you do or say?" she didn't respond. she just said she had to stand there and seperate us because it was her job. at this point i'm bawling.

i tell her she needs to put someone else (who is on the clock and acually working and NOT related to me) to stand where she is. and she says no. i'm like 'i'm asking you as your daugter don't do this, bring someone else in' she told me no. we finish bowling and me and b decided we're not going back. i told my dad (who is the league secratary and can remove people) that we wouldn't be back. he goes "just give it time, let me talk to him".... i just look at him (i'm a huge daddy's girl) and say "if it was any other man who said that to me, you'd kick him off the league. but its not, its R. so i am removing myself from the league. You know how much this league means to me and i am leaving". I'm still crying. i give him a hug and me and b leave.


traceysob said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with this. Family can really suck sometimes. Keep your chin up and know that you're loved by lots