Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a crappy day!

So i get these 'feelings' (thats what i call them) some days. I can sort of sense that something bad is going to happen, either to me or my husband. Well Today was one of those days

i just had this since that something was off.

so it came in 2 forms today

1) my husband got sick
2) i got in a car Occident

It has been a horrifically terribly day.

So here is what happened in my incident

so i was sitting at the intersection

i'm the black truck
there is a blue jetta in front of me
the light turns green, i go,
i turn my head for 2 seconds and he hits his breaks and i don't have a chance to stop.
i hit him!
He was so mad! and he had every right to be.
but there was no damage. he 'might' have a couple scratches on his car.
but he told me at the scene that he was just in another accident (a couple weeks ago) and he hurt himself.
So i am freaking out that he's gonna be sneaky and underhanded and claim that i hurt him! i'm so afraid!
but i called my insurance company and told them what happened.
i got like 6 calls from different insurance people.
i pray to god that it all works out!!!!
i'm so freaked out!