Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 years ago today

...I married the love of my life

... I said "I do" to growing old with my best friend

... I became blessed by being married to an amazing man

... I became more happy and whole. He's my missing piece.

I love him with all my heart and soul.

OH the joys of being married and both being in the military.

I came home from my first duty location June 06 and met B.

we started dating and then I left for Germany in November.

December I was home and he asked me to marry him.

January I left for military school in Missouri.

March 07 I came home on my birthday. Our families meet the DAY i came home.

June 07 we were married. B starts nursing school that next September.

Jan 09 I was deployed during his last term of school & I missed his graduation.

we were together for a year, with a couple mini breaks for B to go help another unit in... Mississippi i think.

and a year almost to the day that i came home and he leaves for almost as long.
I missed his graduation from officer school because we couldn't afford for me to fly down.


I've spent 2 birthday's home since i was 18.
And now i spend tonight, my third anniversary, alone in my bed... with the dog. UGH!
but that's okay... Its the life I chose.
I've never been more solid. I've never been this happy. I'm blessed