Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Work.... oh what to say

Besides.... "I QUIT!"

Yep, today was my last day of work! There was a lot of things that added up to my deciding to quit.

The main reason i could quit was the fact that B left and he's going to be getting money, so i can finally go back to school! I'm super excited, but that's for another day.

Okay back to my list of grievances

Grievance #1 - The way I was treated when i came home from Iraq. I was 'eliminated' from my job because my 'temp' that was hired became my new supervisor. And they effectively eliminated my position with out taking into consideration laws, what they were doing, and what they were supposed to do. They way they handled that was really really shaddy.

Grievance #2 - When I fell. On Feb 9th i fell down the stairs at work. The way they handled my injury, the way they dealt with my doctors appointments, physical therapy appointments, and having absolutely NO compassion for me. Again, NOT OK with me.

Grievance #3 - A couple months ago our bathroom broke. I've been working out pretty hard and need to get a lot of water in me. so I use the bathroom a lot. probably every 2 hours or so. I was told (and i quote) "I can not allow you to go to the bathroom in the other building, so you'll have to go only on your breaks or wear depends" by my boss. yeah. she honestly said that.

Grievance #4 - this was the straw that broke the camels back. My uncle recently passed. When he went into the hospital, i told my boss that i couldn't stay late because we were going to the hospital to say our final goodbyes she said "::eye roll:: we got that phone call at least 3 times with my grandma, you can stay" and then proceeded to tell the person on the phone I'd stay, so i was stuck doing it. then left me there to close knowing full well my mom was waiting on me. She's seriously so many levels of wrong its not even funny.

I'm so glad to be finally done with that place. 2 years, tons of tears, and a lot of stress later... i am done. and I'm glad to be done.

but in the last 2 days I've been busier than ever. and I LOVE IT!



Danse said...

OH MY GOD. That is completely ridiculous. I'm glad you're out of there.

CageQueen said...

you need to sue them. plain and simple.