Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sleep Deprived Blogging

(preblog warning: its not labeled "random ramblings" for nothing)

I'm sure this is the new "it" thing. Sort of like blogging while sleep deprived is the new black. lol, or at least that's what I'll tell myself.

Hey, blogging is better than laying in bed at 12:10am talking to myself right?....right?
::whispers to self:: "RIGHT!"

PHEW! good to know.


So last week I started back to school. I seriously forgot how hard summer term is. Its my first term back in almost 2 years, that's enough time for one to forget.

I'm taking 3 in class and 1 online.
I'm taking (brace yourselves for this)

  • Architecture 101 - Architectural Graphics
  • Art 101 - The History of Art (which actually focuses more on the history of architecture)<-online
  • Art 215 - The History of Residential American Architecture
  • ID 125 - Computer Drafting for Interior Designers.

yeah, i know... you're jealous. ::cough-NOT-cough::

But seriously. on Tuesday I'm in class 9am-2pm & 6-8pm. and on Thursday I'm in class 9am-1pm & 6-8pm.

All in all, not as bad of a schedule as I expected. I have a long enough break that i can justify driving the 30 min back home. For some reason the campus just seethes anxiety for me. I get anxious just being on campus, why? couldn't tell you. but i do. If I'm IN class, like, actively taking notes, participating in discussions, etc. it doesn't effect me so much. Walking from my class room to the student center to get a smoothie... INSTANT anxiety spike. wish i knew why. no idea.

But last week wasn't so bad all in all. Hard to get used to getting up early again (time is currently 12:18am) but I'm getting back into it (sort of).

Most of my classes I really think I'm going to enjoy. the only one I'm a little worried about is ID 125, because I've taken something really really similar before, so i think I'm going to get bored easily. The teacher seems really cool though, so it should be okay. I'm my Art 215 class, part of my homework was to sketch where i live. You mean you WANT me to doodle? okay then. no problem! lol. so i let Sammy wander in the grass, i sat on the sidewalk enjoying the cool air and sketched. it was pretty awesome.
this weekend I had drill for the first time in 6 weeks. This whole A weekend/B weekend thing is screwy. One month I'll have 2 drills with in 2 weeks, and then i won't have one for 6 weeks... not so fun.

But this weekend I did have to do my PT (physical training) Test. And I'm a little ashamed to say, it was a "do or die" situation. If i didn't pass, i couldn't re-enlist. and if you know anything about me... not re-enlisting was NOT an option. but I've been training hard and pushing myself and you want to know what. I DID IT! I passed more than i could have imagined. I'm so stinking proud of myself!!!

we won't go into weight or inches (cause ick)
but I did do:
35 push ups in 1 min
42 sit ups in 1 min
and i ran 1.5 miles in 13.28.

HOLY SHIT! It was AWESOME. I almost threw up after my run. but whats a little upchuck between me and uncle Sam? And let me tell you what a weight it is off my shoulders that I've passed.

now the battle is keeping it up and pushing my self to do it next time with OUT DYING! lol. I'm in so much pain today. We ran yesterday at 2ish. and just sitting down to pee is an epic battle of muscle vs gravity. Its a good thing all i had to do today was study. so i sat around a lot. my body is thankful for that.

[random sidebar] the thing i hate about being up this late is i always get munchy hungry around 12:30-1:00am. never.fails. [/end random side bar]

But all in all it was a good weekend/week.

back to school
Feeling good about classes
went to drill
trained 35 marines how to do my job
got called out by a E7 in a different section to help him do a job (way cool)
passed my PT test
drove home safely
mom made me dinner (she watches Sammy when I'm at drill)
she even made an extra whole dish for me to take home so i didn't have to cook ALL WEEK!

I have to say, I'm a pretty happy camper right about now.

now... if only i could get some sleep.
::makes eyes at Mr.sandman::