Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Sewing Project = DONE & AWESOME

So I just recently started getting into sewing, and I'm really excited.

So today I went to the craft store, and got everything i needed to get started! So excited.

I got a 'starter kit' I saw at the store

I knew from messing and practicing that i needed bobbins, so i got some standard ones. I'm not up to speed on the threading your own bobbin, so i got already threaded ones. the one missing is a black bobbin that I'd already put in my machine.

I also knew (from watching YouTube videos) that i needed straight pins to keep it all in line, so that's what i got.

Now to start with the fabric, i looked on the discount rack and wound up finding a decent fabric for i believe 4.00 a yard. I knew my pillow was roughly 24" x 24". And according to the lady cutting the fabric i needed 1 1/3 yard's of fabric. I took her word for it.
I laid the pillow on the fabric and cut around it. Not the best idea i know, but I didn't know what else to use.
(this is after i had ironed it to set the seam.)
The seam's aren't ruler straight, but that'll take practice. they're pretty good for my first project.
here it is with the pillow inserted. Its a little bit bigger than i had meant it to be. But that's not bad.

Finished product on the couch.



julochka said...

let the sewing adventures begin! you'll soon be winding your own bobbins, trust me. :-)