Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Website RAVE!

Today I bring you: Plastic Land

I'm focusing mostly on the Home Decor section of this website!

I could seriously go on and on and on and on and... well you get the point... about what i want off this site.

lets hit the high points.

How do I convince the hubbeast these would be a wonderful anniversary gift:

(i have a thing for ninja's)

Queen of Hearts Baking Set

"LOVE" Cake Pan

Heart Shaped Kitchen Spatula

Teacupcakes Silicone Tea Cup Shaped Baking Molds

(I also have a HUGE thing for cupcakes)

I could go on... and i'm not even done looking through the whole website yet. I haven't even gotten to the clothes. THE CLOTHES PEOPLE

Go, Shop, Be happy!