Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bad dreams are bad...

I fucking hate hate hate bad dreams!!

This one was staring my dad.
He and my mother were drinking and having fun... then they got in a fight.

So he and  drove off. My mom begged me to go with him. So I did
I had sammy in my lap. Them I learned, just how drunk my dad was as he started swerving, and moving out of the way of things that weren't there. I begged him to pull over but he wouldn't.
I'm started freaking out and called for help to any passing person. We started to get followed by people who I was screaming at to stop

Then dad drove through a fence and our car was t-boned by a semi.

Only one who died was Sammy.

then I woke up.

Fuck fuck fuck

Hating life