Sunday, June 3, 2012

Long Weekend

This weekend was a military weekend. And as most of them go it was busy, stressful, slightly chaotic, and oddly wonderful in spite and because of all of these.

I am still really sick.
I thought i was on the mend and over did it today. I think losing everything I've eaten today taught me a big lesson in that. Not to over do it when you're still recovering.

Right now i'm downloading Audio books onto my cell phone so that I can listen to them while i sleep.

B is gone... again. This time he's in some hole in the wall place in Texas.
I dropped him off at the airport first thing this morning.
I find it sad that I don't cry any more when he leaves on these short trips.
I think with the ever present thought that there will be a really long long LONG trip coming up soon that I'm able to put these frequent little trips into perspective.

But back to my weekend. My drama troop is back.
I'll type out that story tomorrow, Its a doozy.

Saturday we had a lot of meetings and training to do. My troops were scattered everywhere.

     I had 2 out-processing to finally go to tech school. Poor kids. They have to go back to being "new" and treated like they just joined the military because the school they needed closed their doors and moved from Texas to Virginia. So they've been functioning members in our unit for almost a year now. Now they have to go back to "basics" (no pun intended) and be treated not as prior service, but as baby new kids.
     My troops that just came home from deployment were doing their last  minute travel vouchers and they were preparing for a trip to Washington (annual tour)
     Most were in inspection prep meetings and training. While the remaining were at the Passenger Terminal (PAX) with me doing some training.
     My drama troop is back. I'll type out that story tomorrow, Its a doozy.

Sunday wasn't bad. I took B to the airport so I was roughly 20 minutes late (30 when you throw in my detour to starbucks). My goodness my troops must have known I was down because they sure were SPOT ON today. I mean, as spot on as you can be at 20 years old with the attention span of a puppy. focused ... focused ..... focused .....focused..... SQUIRREL !!!!! So I gave them a break and we left at 1030 for lunch. i think we meandered back to the unit and to work around 1. It wasn't like we didn't do our work, we just got it all done really quickly and efficiently that they earned a break. I'm pretty hard on them most of the time. I expect greatness and nothing else will do. Tough, Hard, but fair.

Then Sunday afternoon my first and #1 favorite female officer (B's my #1 favorite lol)made "Full Bird" Colonel today. I cried during her ceremony. I've known her for as long as I can remember.

She was in my fathers unit when i was young and she was a young LT
She was my first commander when I joined the military and joined my fathers unit.
She was in my second duty station when we moved bases to Washington
She was down her when we moved to California and I joined this unit.
She's just always been there.
Now she's taking up a really good and important roll at a base in Illinois. I don't see myself heading there any time soon. hahaha.

I have a lot of pictures on my phone to add. I'll add those to my next post in a bit.
I'm going to go lay down now.
I don't feel so bad when I'm laying down, its in every other position and movement that seems to reek havoc on my body. not so fun

but my books are finally loaded.
good night bloggers