Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Creepy Encounter

So today was a hectic day.

After the rush, I was on the front counter and this normal looking guy walks in and comes up and wants to sign up for a flight.

then he sees my ring and was like oh when is your anniversary. I say 12 days. so he says oh the 2ND, I'm like nope. #1.

so then he starts in on me asking me all these really personal questions and he 'plans' my life for me telling me at 3 years that's when I'll have kids, blah blah, this and that. he took a piece of paper and mapped it all out then he wrote down my last name and waned my email address. he said he was going to contact me in 10 years and see where i am.

it gave me the heebie jeebies. who says that to a stranger?

like I've dealt with some weirdo's in my time. we deal with a lot of military retirees and people who have all sorts of issues.

I've dealt with people who shit and pissed them selves, people who shit in the shower, people who refused to shower, crazy religious people who've built shrines in our terminal, people who claim things happen but never did, people who used the public computers for their 'personal' business.....

he seemed normal enough. just a little too clingy.

but i was texting my husband and he works with a lot of vets. what he said was if i helped the guy (which i did) and was really nice to him (which i was) then he probably just bonded with me. A lot of WWII vets have clingy issues where they bond instantly to those around them that treat them well.
not exactly sane, but understandable.

but this guy just skeeved me out