Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Hike - Multnomah Falls

So we went for a fantastic hike last week. It was at one of my favorite spots, Multnomah Falls. Just east of our town. I Loved it. The hike was a mile up and a mile back. It was a straight up hill climb with switch backs. It was a rough hike for me. it was the first time I'd been hiking in years. I'm now 4 years older and a good 50lbs heavier than the last time i hiked it (i was fresh out of basic training). To put the topper on an already depressing note, i remember the last time i hiked i literally RAN (i freaking ran) down the last mile... in flip flops. are you kidding me? i want to punch past me in the throat. gah!
But B was really nice and stopped with me while i cought my breath and let my pulse settle down. but i was so glad we did it. seeing the view from the top was so worth the cardio. man did my feet hurt though. but i got to rock my fancy-nancy hiking boots. which i was totally excited about!
The View from the top of the falls

The View from the top of the falls

Looking down over the edge
B looking at the falls.
we're sweaty but we did it!

Then after we hiked to the top of the falls, we went back and took this side trail off of the main trail. i was tired as all get out but i'm so so glad we did. It was beautiful. There was a second waterfall back there and this beautiful cavern looking thing that we walked through. it was amazing. totally made the trip.

The second water fall. It was much more beautiful in person.

the river (or creek) was so beautiful. and cool and refreshing.

i went and played in the water.

the mini-waterfall on the path

The cavern. it was soo pretty (oh and B)

I don't know why this part of the walk fasinated me so much, but it did. i just thought it was amazinly beautiful in its earthy way.

I became a little obsessed with it.

cool stone foot bridge
my super awesome hiking boots. i seriously rolled my ankle like 4 times. didn't get seriously hurt. thats awesome for a clutz like me

the walking tunnel uner the highway dividing the falls from the parking lot.
i just thought it was a good picture.